Backend Engineer (Python)

June 23

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deep learning • machine learning • artificial intelligence • startup • entrepreneurship

11 - 50


• Develop complex backend services using Python language, server-side logic and API’s to facilitate seamless communication. • Leverage models such as GPT, OpenAI, Gemini or similar to developer innovative solutions. Explore and implement RAG methodology to enhance the relevance and coherence of generated content. • Design, optimization and management of databases with experience in both relational databases (such as PostgreSQL) and vector databases. • Make architectural contributions and decisions to constantly improve the reliability of our software and maintainability of our codebase. • Implement test-driven code using modern techniques. • Follow agile processes with a focus on delivering production-ready testable code in small iterations.


• Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience. • Professional experience designing, training, and deploying machine learning models a plus. • Regular contributions to popular open-source projects are a plus.


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