Principal Program Manager, CX Transformation

May 21

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Apollo GraphQL

Apollo is the GraphQL company. Our mission is to empower every developer with a graph.

51 - 200


• Collaborate with senior functional leaders to outline, plan, and execute strategic initiatives to optimize how Apollo can improve the effectiveness of our Self-Service & High-Touch customer experiences. • Implement program management strategies to deliver these improvement objectives, streamlining operations and enhancing service delivery. • Coach functional teams to deploy practices for managing the state and progress of work in our work-tracking platforms. • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for evaluating program effectiveness. Identify execution gaps and promptly clean escalations for improved decision-making and prioritization. • Communicate progress of our programs by collaborating with primary team members on defining departmental OKRs with S.M.A.R.T language, and then regularly sharing the improvements and progress made on the transformation goals. • Document and maintain internal program management processes and tooling, identifying gaps in current customer delivery processes and tooling. Propose solutions to close process and tooling gaps and lead solution execution.


• You have strong customer success business acumen and understand the need for high touch vs scaled/education teams. • Your program management skills have enabled you to successfully deliver improvements in customer-facing capabilities, impact reporting, departmental comms, and strategic planning. • You understand the nature of cross-GTM collaboration as part of CX programs. • You understand process and automation transformations and how to partner with CS Ops teams to deliver measurement of goals and outcomes as part of transformation programs.


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