Software Engineer II - Backend

June 21

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• Design and develop backend systems using Ruby and/or Golang programming languages to enable functionality for customers in web and mobile applications • Deploy applications and microservices in a cloud environment (i.e., Amazon Web Services (“AWS”)) • Analyze business requirements to develop and modify existing transactional systems • Manage projects and problems of significantly larger scopes • Formulate efficient game plan for delivering stable, well-tested features in a timely manner • Make technical recommendations for codebase improvements • Identify, fix, and prevent technical bugs and performance bottlenecks • Coordinate and communicate seamlessly across other technical and product teams • Be a helpful and supportive presence on the team


• Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Information Technology, or other closely related technical/engineering field of study; Plus 12 months of work experience • Must pass company’s standard technical test


• 401K • Paid time off • Dental, medical, vision, disability, life insurance options

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