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January 31

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51 - 200


• Improve Team Effectiveness. Focus on making all the team operate at their high level of efficiency and effectiveness, and not just yourself • Getting Team consensus. Really good at communicating with the team and making them participants of decisions and getting clear buy-in, not by seeking control or impositions. • Help Team when things get hard. As TL you would help your team through hard situations, making them feel you can always be counted on, encouraging them, meeting and pairing, solving problems together and keeping stakeholders informed. • Being Team representative. You’ll interface with the rest of teams and stakeholders, always with the team’s voice, not your own. You’ll get the team consensus on decisions, defend team members when needed, showing confidence on Team members and working in solving problems together, and publicly congratulating Team and showcasing Team work. • Get Work Done. You’ll be focused on and responsible for the team's productivity and collective impact, delivering on time and planning for the whole team. • Facilitate Agile Team Work, focusing on a lean product development mindset and XP development values and practices. • Guiding the product technical vision • Planning and management of technical debt. • Design and define SLAs, metrics & Observability in your services. • Designs processes to create an effective pipeline of work into the team. • Knows how to break software features down into components that can be developed in parallel work by them and other engineers and then reassembled successfully into a cohesive feature launch. • Understands how to make technical trade-offs between short-term vs. long-term technology needs combining incremental flow of value and technical excellence in your team. • Guide the team to deliver high-quality products. • Mentor and guide developers. • Improve reliability, scalability, and performance of our services so they always meet their SLAs. • Working together with the Product and Design teams to build the best UX for our customer • Produce simple, maintainable code and in the meantime search for ways to improve it. • The platform requires special attention on performance, given the complexity of the data structures and the amount of requests the services are handling each day. You will be responsible for well testing your code (unit tests, acceptance tests, integration tests, load tests, performance tests) and propose/implement performance improvements. • Understand the capabilities and limitations of existing architectures and evolve them to satisfy future product requirements. • Learn and help others learn how to write great quality code • Definition and implementation of technical safety measures in the Organization • Supervision of access rights to the Organizations resources based on ISMS. • Work according to the ISMS applicable policies, processes, and procedures. • Responding to threats and security incidents in the Organization in relationship with the Security department • Maintenance of ICT infrastructure and resources based on the Operational Activity Process following the security guidelines of the ISMS.


• Outstanding software engineering skills • Product Engineer mindset. • Experience in defining, refining and slicing work, identifying frequent value delivery approaches for designing and following up an incremental and iterative plan. • Experience working with multiple teams and coordinating dependencies between them to assure achievement of team goals. • Ability to work with uncertain requirements and to define and propose scoping, requirements, and development plans when necessary. Flexibility and adaptability upon changes. Knowledge of when to trade technical excellence for delivery. • You can design and build stable and performant software, which is easy for others to contribute to, is extensible and maintainable. • Experience in developing medium/large-scale web applications and distributed systems. • Adhere to standards and best practices. • Inspires trust and Leading by exemplariness • Learn from feedback and help others learn to write better applications. • You’re passionate about what you do.


• Paid flexible benefits (meals, transportation, nurseries) with paid health insurance and a specific budget to spend in an annual budget for training.

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