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June 3

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Credo AI

The Responsible AI Governance Platform

artificial intelligence • machine learning • deep learning • auditability • AI governance

11 - 50

💰 $12.8M Series A on 2022-05


• Designing and implementing backend systems that meet our high standards for scalability, efficiency, and reliability. • Communicating effectively with team members across the organization, from fellow engineers to product managers, to ensure clear understanding of project goals and progress. • Leading technical projects, making strategic decisions about architecture, tools, and processes. • Exploring new technologies and programming languages and integrating them into our development practices where appropriate. • Continuously learning and adapting to new technical challenges, staying ahead of the curve in backend development practices. Your contribution will be vital in driving the success of our backend systems, ensuring they are robust, scalable, and aligned with our overall business goals.


• You have a track record (> 5 years) of developing high-quality, maintainable, and robust software, ideally for enterprise-level applications. • You're known for your clear communication skills, capable of discussing complex technical issues in an understandable way. • You've taken the lead on software development projects, showing your ability to navigate technical challenges and drive a project to completion. • You have some experience with or interest in learning Elixir and TypeScript, among other programming languages and frameworks. • You're highly motivated to learn new technologies and frameworks, constantly seeking to improve your skills and tackle new challenges.


• Competitive Salary and Equity • Health: We offer health, dental, and vision coverage. We also offer an ergonomic benefit to cover the costs of equipment to help staff stay healthy while working, both in the office and at home. • Coworking: We will cover the cost of co-working spaces like WeWork and in-person meetups. • Unlimited PTO: Credo AI has unlimited time off to support our employees • Generous Parental Leave: We offer up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave. • 401(k) plan for employees (US only)

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