Python Developer - Remote

December 17, 2023

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G2i Inc.

G2i is a hiring platform run by engineers that match you with pre-vetted React and React Native engineers.

Web Development • Android/iOS Development • React.js • React Native • Node.js

11 - 50


• Work as a freelance Python Developer • Shipping an awesome product • Keeping tech lead and clients happy • Writing production-ready code • Ensuring clear documentation • Excellent communication skills • 100% remote work with US clients • Multiple choices of clients in various industries • Opportunity to move on to the next project • Access to a Slack community of 800+ engineers • Direct support from Developer Success Team


• Prior experience as a freelance Python Developer • Strong knowledge of Ruby, Rails, React, GraphQL, Typescript, and popular deployment tools • Detail-oriented • Ability to work 32-40 hours per week


• Improved quality of life • Less stress and sickness • More time for family • Remote work • Wide variety of clients • Contracting position with project flexibility • Supportive community of engineers • Developer Success Team • 32-40 hours per week • Work with technologies like Ruby, Rails, React, GraphQL, Typescript, and popular deployment tools • Focus on developer health • Burnout recovery support • Developer Health Fund • Developer Health OS

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