Machine Learning Engineer

March 15

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Gozem - Africa's Super App

Gozem is Africa's #1 Super App — providing on-demand transportation, delivery, and financial services in one app

201 - 500


Our Machine Learning Engineer will be in charge of solving open ended business problems to drive engagement & revive long term growth by building and maintaining Gozem ML solutions. You will work closely with our Product Manager and Tech Team to add new features to our app in order to scale our activity. Tasks: Work with Head of Data Science Team to define the ML models to implement Create and maintain ML model training/prediction pipelines in production Monitor and provide support to our infrastructure and production models Create re-usable tools and frameworks for ML model deployment and monitoring Implement cutting-edge, big-data frameworks to support batch and real-time jobs Identify possible bottlenecks in the system and perform optimizations


• Level of education: Master's degree (recommended but not required) in Computer Science or Big Data Engineering • 2 years of relevant experience in related fields • Self-motivated, independent learner, and enjoy sharing knowledge with team members • Familiarity with big data engineering tools such as Spark, Kafka, Google cloud… • Experience working with ML model training/deployment tools such as Airflow, Kubeflow, Seldon… • Experience in infrastructure, including Cloud Computing, Linux OS, Docker, RDBMS and NoSQL Databases • Experience working with open source ML libraries such as Tensorflow, PyTorch and XGBoost… • Experience with large-scale systems in data science, and building production ML pipelines for model training / prediction


• Remote work if you are not based in a country where Gozem is established (Togo, Benin, Gabon, Cameroon) • Open-space offices and teleworking time possible (to be arranged with your manager) • A gross monthly remuneration defined according to our internal salary grid as well as the relevance of your past experiences for the position. • An option to buy shares in Gozem • An annual bonus allowing you to receive between 0 and 4.5 months of additional salary the following year • Benefits on our Super App for your travel and deliveries • A health and IT insurance package • The opportunity to join a young, dynamic team that has a real social impact in French-speaking Africa!

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