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July 10

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201 - 500


• The Hub team is a critical team on the platform. They empower builders to launch and scale on Immutable zkEVM seamlessly. Providing robust, intuitive tools and clear guidance eliminates friction in Web3 game development, launch, and iteration. Their work streamlines workflows reduces integration errors and scales our service offering by bridging the gap between Web3 and Web2. • As a Software Engineer (Hub), you will work in a high performing and passionate team focused on a number of key initiatives, including—but not limited to—accelerating customer speed-to-launch, improving integration transparency and error handling, and enhancing developer experience with intuitive tools and scale service offerings. You will work closely with multiple internal teams across different functions and often directly with customers on Discord or Slack to align on Immutable product development and configurations. The team also performs continuous research and proof of concept development to uncover hidden requirements and assess the feasibility of game features that developers demand. • Immutable aims to help businesses scale their creation and trading of unique in-game assets. As Immutable helps businesses scale, we’re looking to scale, too! We are searching for passionate engineers who want to work on genuinely hard problems in one of the most exciting spaces in the world right now. You don’t need any blockchain experience; you just need solid engineering principles, good communication skills, and a passion for learning. • If you are a talented Software Engineer with full-stack experience and front-end expertise, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.


• At least 2+ years of professional experience as a full stack developer with expertise in front-end. • Commercial experience building full-stack applications/web development using TypeScript or similar, delivering production-quality code. • Capability to research and explore problems in unknown or ambiguous spaces and use a proactive approach to finding solutions. • Curious about technical details, interested in learning and analysing options for making optimal decisions. • A genuine interest in understanding customers' end-to-end journey to enhance their experience. • Familiarity with event-driven architecture and its practical implementation. • Capacity to collaborate effectively with others, contribute positively to team dynamics and give and take candid feedback. • Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail. • Ability to work independently and in a team environment. • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. • Familiarity with cloud-based technologies and services.


• Streamline the initial setup and integration process to enable game developers to launch swiftly and efficiently on Immutable zkEVM. • Improve Integration Transparency and Error Handling. • Implement integration feedback mechanisms to help developers quickly identify and resolve integration issues. • Enhance Developer Experience with Intuitive Tools and scale service offerings. • Provide robust no-code and low-code tools that minimise developer effort and simplify complex workflows, ensuring a seamless development experience. • Develop and enhance our service offering to be entirely self-service, allowing developers to access and utilise our tools and resources independently. • Empower Internal Teams with High-Quality Product Experiences. • Establish clear governance and maintain a high-quality standard to enable internal Immutable teams to deliver exceptional product experiences through the Developer Hub. • Gain exposure working in a Web3 development environment, including regular workshops and learning opportunities for blockchain development. • Be part of a collaborative team environment. • Work in an experimental environment, learning from customer feedback and iterating on products. • Work closely with your team members to ensure operational excellence for the services your team owns.

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