Video Editor for a D2C Ecommerce Company

June 18

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Recruitment and Operations

11 - 50


• Completing the video editing tasks he will be assigned, which can include: generating AI VO with eleven labs; sourcing footage on YouTube/TikTok; edit raw footage from actors; • Editing and assembling final visual/audio material ensuring consistency and coherence in storytelling • Creating high-converting long-form VSLs and UGC-styled videos optimized for Facebook ads • Responding to feedback from the marketing team to make necessary adjustments to video content • Adhering to deadlines while maintaining high-quality standards


• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English • 2+ years of experience in video editing • 2+ years of experience in D2C ecommerce • Expertise in video editing software such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and other similar software • Strong storytelling and narrative skills in video editing, including scanning and selecting impactful B-rolls • Experience in aiding viewers to understand the copy behind the video • Ability to adhere to brand guidelines and maintain consistency across various video content


• Creative Freedom • Continuous Learning and Development • Flexible Working Hours • Collaborative and Inclusive Work Environment • Performance Bonuses • Fully remote • Paid Vacation Days • Parental Leave • Co-working Space Subscription • Comprehensive Sick Leave

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