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August 12

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The Linux Foundation

A nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source.

Open Source • Software • Linux

201 - 500


The Linux Foundation is looking for a Program Manager to guide and support the growth and success of Open Source projects through best-in-class developer relations, community building and project management practices. One of the roles this Program Manager will be responsible for includes monitoring Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) TAG communication channels and helping with organization, project management, and follow through. This role involves working closely with the CNCF Community Developer Relations Manager, TOC liaisons, and TAG leadership. PM Responsibilities: • Synthesize common themes from the Projects’ governing bodies and Membership, translating to an operational, results-driven plan ensuring forward momentum • Act as a strategic partner to project leadership, up to the Project’s Executive Directors • Prioritize / escalate operational and team needs (or concerns) to Exec / Governing Board level, or Linux Foundation as necessary • Advise and drive adoption of Open Source, Developer Relations, modern enterprise DevSecOps, and Linux Foundation best practices • Directly facilitate forward momentum of Governing Board towards overall Project vision, including managing discussions and expectations with individual Governing Board Members • Back-end ops: work closely with the teams and toolstack that support Membership operations (CRM, legal documentation approvals, account assistance, etc.) • Drive annual financial planning process, perform ongoing monitoring, and complete monthly audit in tandem with Finance CNCF Responsibilities: • Attend TOC and TAG meetings alongside the Community Developer Relations Manager and TOC liaisons, and monitor TAG mailing lists, Slack, and other TAG communication channels. • Write documentation to codify policies and procedures established by TOC and TAGs that apply to TAGs, and help ensure that they are followed. • Keep track of, summarize, follow up on, and report progress on action items and issues that the TAG is responsible for.


• 3-5 years proven experience in running similar Open Source developer relations or community advocacy programs • Strong program management skills • Experience with bringing external and internal organizations and stakeholders into alignment • Ability to address complex and sensitive community topics with humility, judgment, tact and humor when necessary. • Proficiency with developer tools such as DevSecOps platforms and intimate knowledge of the software development lifecycle. • Familiarity with leading Open Source ecosystem players and technologies: Kubernetes, Cloud Native, Continuous integration, AI & Data, etc. • Proficiency in using GitHub is required • The ability to work collaboratively across functions such as Marketing, Public Relations, Legal, Finance, etc. • Outstanding written, verbal, and presentation communication skills • The ability to work globally


• Fantastic health care • Unlimited PTO • 100% 401k match • Profit-sharing • Exceptional healthcare plans

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