R&D Software Engineer

October 5

🌎 Anywhere in the World – Remote

⏰ Full Time

🟡 Mid-level

🟠 Senior

🧑‍💻 Full-stack Engineer



Machine Learning


Mechanical Orchard

Mechanical Orchard combines software development and managed cloud operations in one offering.

Software Development and Cloud Ops

11 - 50

💰 $2M Seed Round on 2022-10


• Work as part of a cross-functional R&D team • Research and build internal and/or customer-facing tools and platforms • Incorporate and integrate generative AI technology • Pair program with other engineers and collaborate closely with other roles • Apply and evolve XP engineering practices • Operate and support production platforms and applications • Collaborate with other teams for technical discovery • Foster growth of the team and organization


• Experience as a software engineer • Exposure or passion for XP practices • Full-stack developer with expertise in at least one modern programming language and framework • Theoretical knowledge about machine learning and data science • Practical experience with generative AI • Strong communication and collaboration skills • Empathy towards team members and customers • Ability to work remotely and occasionally travel


• Full-time remote position • Opportunity to work with a variety of customers • Focus on agile practices and continuous improvement • Exposure to generative AI technologies • Collaboration with cross-functional teams • Opportunity for growth and mentorship

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