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June 3

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Nimbus builds solutions that are easy to use for novice and non-technical administrators$1. .$1

online marketing • content management • .net • WordPress • SharePoint

2 - 10


• Lead the effort to create a powerful developer experience around Nimbus • Define and design APIs that allow block explorers, wallets, and decentralized applications interact with Nimbus • Respond to community needs & requests, transforming them into concrete specifications and products or features • Be the face of our developer community, represent Nimbus at conferences and online events • Create powerful documentation and SDKs • Support evangelizing Nimbus as the go-to ETH 2.0 client for mobile devices and embedded systems within the Open Source community


• Interest in open data, blockchain, and decentralization • 5+ years professional experience in software engineering • Experience with Rust or C/C++, and curiosity about dynamic languages • Background in (embedded) systems programming, p2p technologies • Familiarity with modern cryptography • Experience with APIs, SDKs, and crafting documentation


• Salaries in fiat or crypto • More information on benefits:

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