Senior Python Django Backend Engineer

June 9

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201 - 500


• Collaborate with a team of developers to create and implement software applications and components. • Design, develop, and maintain robust and scalable backend systems using Python and the Django web framework. • Review code written by other developers on the team and provide feedback. You would also be responsible for mentoring and coaching less experienced developers. • Work closely with front-end developers to ensure the backend systems are designed to support the front-end needs and provide the best user experience. • Manage databases, design and optimize schemas, and ensure the smooth running of the data storage system. • System integration: You would be responsible for integrating various systems and APIs to create a cohesive backend architecture. • Test and debug backend code to ensure it is robust and error-free. • Optimize the performance of backend systems to ensure they run efficiently and respond quickly to user requests. • Ensure that backend systems are secure and protected against potential vulnerabilities and attacks. • Create and maintain documentation related to the backend systems, including technical specifications, user manuals, and API documentation. • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in backend development and explore new approaches and techniques that could benefit the team's work. • Evaluate and recommend new tools and technologies to improve the team's efficiency and productivity.


• 4+ years of solid experience as a Python Developer • Experience with Python Django framework • Familiarity with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and REST API • Hands-on experience of databases and SQL • Google Cloud Platform experience (a big plus!) • Knowledge of Python's threading constraints and multi-process architecture • Excellent unit testing and debugging abilities


• Work from anywhere! • Flexible work hours • Unlimited PTO • Non-working holidays depending on which country you’re in • 13th-month bonus • Salary and salary increases • Financial support for online courses • Mental health and well-being programs • Fun and casual work environment • Employee engagement activities and virtual gatherings • Diverse team

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