Lead Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer

June 22

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Disrupting the affordable housing industry by creating a safe, attractive, and respectable co-living environment.

Affordable Housing • Real Estate • Property Mangement • Co-Living

51 - 200

💰 $20.5M Series B on 2021-11


• Defining Testing Strategies: Developing and implementing comprehensive test plans and strategies to ensure thorough coverage of product features. • Writing and Executing Test Cases: Creating detailed test cases and scripts, and executing them to validate the functionality, performance, and security of the product. • Automating Tests: Developing and maintaining automated test suites to streamline the testing process and improve efficiency. • Conducting Code Reviews: Reviewing code changes to identify potential quality issues and ensure adherence to best practices and standards. • Collaborating with Engineers: Working closely with developers, designers, and other team members to understand requirements, provide feedback, and ensure seamless integration of new features. • Identifying and Reporting Bugs: Detecting, documenting, and prioritizing defects, and tracking them through resolution to maintain high product quality. • Mentoring QA Team Members: Guiding and training QA engineers, sharing best practices, and promoting a culture of quality within the team. • Monitoring and Analyzing Metrics: Analyzing test results and quality metrics to identify areas for improvement and ensure continuous enhancement of testing processes and product quality.


• Strong Technical Skills: Proficiency in both manual and automated testing, including familiarity with relevant tools and programming languages for test automation. • Excellent Communication: Ability to clearly articulate testing processes, findings, and recommendations to both technical and non-technical team members. • Leadership Abilities: Skills to lead, mentor, and inspire the QA team, fostering a collaborative and high-performance work environment. • Adaptability: Flexibility to quickly adjust to changing priorities and requirements typical of a startup culture. • Analytical Mindset: Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail to effectively identify, analyze, and address quality issues. • Collaboration Skills: Ability to work closely with developers, product managers, and other stakeholders to ensure a unified approach to product development and quality assurance. • Time Management: Effective organizational skills to manage multiple tasks and deadlines, ensuring timely and thorough testing. • Passion for Quality: A commitment to maintaining high standards of product quality and user experience, constantly seeking ways to improve testing processes and outcomes.


• Your application will be reviewed for possible next steps by the Hiring Manager. • If you meet eligibility requirements, the next step would be a video screen with a member of the PeopleOps team for about thirty (30) minutes. • If warranted, the next step would be a video interview with our VP of Engineering for one (1) hour. • If warranted, the next step would be a video panel interview with key stakeholders at PadSplit for two (2) hours. • The panel interview will require a candidate to work on a technical assessment where you will showcase your QA skills to the panel for discussion.  • If warranted, then we move to offer!

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