Senior Frontend Engineer (Growth)

June 25

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startups • saas • accounting • metrics • financials

11 - 50


• As a Senior Front End Engineer, you will help architect and build core features and libraries for the user facing app. This person will be part of our Growth & Monetization team- playing a critical role developing frontend strategies that optimize user acquisition, retention, and monetization. • Work directly with our product and design team to deliver on core financial, auditing, and user growth features. • Integrate marketing technologies and tools, such as marketing automation platforms, A/B testing tools, and analytics software, to optimize the user experience and drive conversions • Work closely with the marketing team to understand campaign objectives and translate them into effective frontend solutions • Ensure cross-browser compatibility and optimize web pages for speed and scalability • Build complex user interfaces and components to allow users to view and interact with their financial data in an efficient way. • Contribute to shared libraries and components used throughout the frontend codebase. • Collaborate with full stack and backend engineers to architect and understand full feature flows. • Understand the capabilities, complexity, and limitations of technical architecture throughout the UI Development process. • Provide critical support and independent review of the work of teammates.


• 5+ years as a software engineer • Experience with modern front-end development frameworks and tools (We use React, TypeScript, and Next.js) • Experience building and interfacing with REST and GraphQL APIs • Experience in design thinking methodology in UI development • Experience working with marketing technologies, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Marketing Cloud, or similar tools preferred. • Experience supporting and integrating product analytics tools (GA4, Amplitude, Rudderstack, PostHog) • Experience integrating SaaS applications with advertising platforms (meta, google, etc) and CDPs (HubSpot, CustomerIO, amplitude, PostHog, Intercom, Knock) • Familiarity with marketing concepts, such as conversion rate optimization, A/B testing, and user experience design preferred. • Experience in a modern programming language • A general understanding of database design and analytics


• Offers Equity

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