(Angular + Java) Senior Full-Stack Engineer

June 25

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11 - 50


• Build shared back-end with iOS app Work closely with the CTO to build and constantly drive excellence in alignment with our High Done culture with every monthly product release as we stack various AI models to help Senior Executives make decisions better together with a clear focus on human-centered design using SCRUM. • Be a trusted technical leader and solve complex Machine Learning challenges focused on Large Language Models (LLMs) and modern AI stacking methods. • Focus your time on 60% Backend / 40% Front End All releases must be mobile responsive with excellence


• +4 years of proven experience with Angular, Java, Azure & Postgres is a must. • Experience with Python is a plus. • Experience with Azure services and tools for DevOps. • Ability to establish DevOps processes for each new product from scratch. • Proficiency in using tools such as Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker, etc., for setting up DevOps environments. • Experience with various data storage tools and approaches, including Graph databases (i.e., Neo4j, ArangoDB), relational databases SQL, and knowledge of NoSQL. • Ability to work both independently and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment. • Proven experience in building mobile-responsive web applications from scratch and releasing them commercially within 30 days. • Strong understanding and implementation of web application security measures. • Experience with machine learning models, Generative AI, and LLMs • Knowledge of fine-tuning models with instruction tuning, RLHF, and parameter-efficient methods. • Hands-on experience with DevOps CI/CD processes. • Familiarity with Agile and Scrum methodologies. • Experience in building and managing backend infrastructure using Microsoft Azure. • Proficiency in SQL and NoSQL databases. • Experience integrating Microsoft Fabric, Microsoft Co-Pilot, and Microsoft Teams into project backends.


• Competitive salary: You’ll receive a USD salary that reflects your skills and experience, so you can focus on doing your best work. • Time off to recharge: We believe in work-life balance, so we offer paid time off (PTO) so you can take the breaks you need to come back refreshed and ready to tackle any challenge. • Your health matters to us: We know that taking care of your health is important, so we provide a health insurance subsidy to make it easier for you to get the care you need. • A workspace that works for you: Whether you prefer a traditional office or a more flexible co-working space, we’ve covered you with our co-working space subsidy. Choose the environment that works best for you, and watch your productivity soar!

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