👷‍♀️ Product-first Sr. Frontend Engineer

March 16

🌎 Anywhere in the World – Remote

💵 $170k - $200k / year

⏰ Full Time

🟠 Senior

💻 Frontend Engineer





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Business financials got stuck in the 15th century so we're showing them today’s computers 🖥

fintech • saas • finance • software

11 - 50


• Full-stack engineering role responsible for building and growing Runway's core product • Work closely with design and PM teams to plan, architect, and implement the product • Iterate as a team on the product experience while maintaining the codebase to move fast • Attract, close, and grow other talented team members • Build a foundation that is flexible and allows Runway to adapt to a wide variety of product needs


• Expertise in building React frontends (5+ years of experience) • Strong knowledge of TypeScript, Redux, and React Hooks • Ability to prioritize ruthlessly and implement rigorously to move fast and build for the long haul • Alignment with Runway's company values: be rigorous, get it right; strategic tech-debt; never lose sight of the customer.


• Remote-first work • Opportunity to shape the product and company • Competitive compensation package including base salary ($170,000-$200,000), early employee equity, and benefits • Working with a small team of successful startup veterans • Core working hours (11AM to 4PM PT) • A values-based company culture

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