October 26

🇺🇸 United States – Remote

💵 $160k - $190k / year

⏰ Full Time

🟡 Mid-level

🟠 Senior

💼 Legal

🗽 H1B Visa Sponsor


Next-generation content creation with artificial intelligence

machine learning • artificial intelligence • tools • creative • Computer Software

11 - 50

🔥 Funding within the last year

💰 $50M Series C on 2022-12


• Negotiate commercial contracts on Runway’s behalf in a strategic, risk-appropriate manner • Recommend and implement commercial processes, tools, and infrastructure appropriate for our size, scale, and growth trajectory • Empower the sales team with tools and knowledge to close deals quickly • Manage (or support) Runway’s privacy program • Provide legal guidance regarding the development and marketing of Runway’s products and services • Dive into the technical aspects of the product to learn it inside and out • Closely follow technical, legal, and policy developments in the generative AI space • Manage outside counsel as appropriate


• A J.D. and admission in good standing with at least one state bar • Strong business acumen • Experience in commercial contract negotiations, and ideally, privacy and/or product counseling • Experience working in B2B SaaS (preferred) • Growth mindset that prioritizes continuous operational improvement and service excellence • Excitement about generative AI and motivation to continuously learn more about the legal landscape governing a new and exciting industry


• Competitive salary • Equal opportunity and diversity-focused • Room for professional growth and learning • Recognition as a best place to work

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