Sr. Product Designer

September 1

🇺🇸 United States – Remote

💵 $160k - $200k / year

⏰ Full Time

🟠 Senior

🎨 Product Designer

🗽 H1B Visa Sponsor


Next-generation content creation with artificial intelligence

machine learning • artificial intelligence • tools • creative • Computer Software

11 - 50

🔥 Funding within the last year

💰 $50M Series C on 2022-12


• Lead design projects • Produce, iterate, and prototype concepts for creative workflows • Collaborate closely with engineering, product, and marketing teams • Coordinate and participate in user research • Contribute to maintaining visual and user experience consistency • Work on designing new features and improvements to mobile and web platforms


• Experience designing flows, prototypes and high-fidelity UI's • Understanding of modern web technologies and web interactions • Experience conducting user research • Experience delivering and iterating product features and collaborating with engineering teams • Ability and flexibility to iterate fast and often • Experience prototyping and strong ability to communicate ideas • Passion for working with small teams and establishing a design culture • Knowledge and understanding of the creative tool space • Bonus points for front-end development experience or working with artificial intelligence • Bonus points for artistic and creative potential, particularly skills with video/audio editing, icon/typography design, illustration, etc.


• Competitive salary • Opportunity to work in a highly collaborative environment • Chance to have a high impact on the overall design & future of the company • Work with a creative and diverse team • Opportunity to contribute to maintaining visual and user experience consistency • Chance to establish a design culture within the company • Opportunity to work with small teams • Chance to create a design-centric process within the company

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