Remote Contract Industry Research Analyst

July 9

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Chatterboxes Pediatric Speech-Language Pathology

In-Home | School-Based | Teletherapy & Hybrid Speech-Language and Feeding Services

Speech and Articulation • Sensory, Motor and Behavioral Feeding • Expressive and Receptive Language • Picky Eaters • Apraxia and Motor Based Speech Disorders

11 - 50


• Perform analysis in the pediatric speech-language pathology industry • Conduct research on contract rates and rates paid to Speech-Language Pathologists • Provide strategic recommendations based on data-driven insights • Identify areas of high demand for SLP services in schools • Collaborate with stakeholders to present findings and recommendations


• Bachelor's degree with proven experience in market research, competitive analysis, or data analysis • Familiarity with pediatric speech-language pathology services and staffing agencies • Strong analytical skills • Proficiency in data analysis tools like Google Sheets • Excellent communication skills • Detail-oriented and organized • Ability to work independently


• Neurodiversity affirming organization • Equal opportunity employer • Health, equity, equality, and prosperity for all

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