Senior Software Engineer

July 11

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The leader in Global Talent Mobility. Topia empowers HR teams to deploy, manage, and engage employees worldwide.

HR Technology • Global Mobility Management • Expatriate Management • Expatriate Payroll • Scenario Planning

51 - 200


• Design, develop, and deploy backend services with a focus on low latency, high availability, and scalability • Collaborate closely with other engineers and product as a valuable member • Participation in code reviews and design sessions


• You are an experienced engineer who is passionate about engineering practices like agile, continuous delivery, test-driven development, OOP concepts and solid principles. • Solid experience as an engineer designing, developing and maintaining API driven solutions • Strong understanding of how a microservice architecture works • Implementing and designing RESTful APIs • Strong communication skills, high integrity and great attention to detail


• Employees relocating and being assigned to different states or countries around the world • Companies working in industries where global work is part of day to day life - such as workers moving on and off mining sites or oil rigs • Employees frequently travelling for business • Remote working or working from home around the world

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