Senior Software Engineer

December 26, 2022

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201 - 500


• The role of a senior engineer at Trellis is to work on developing and implementing new product features with real user impact, expanding our network of providers to ensure we cover all the insurance needs of our customers, and working on APIs that enable a better digital experience for insurance buyers. • The #1 perk of this job is our talented, passionate team that we call friends, mentors, and colleagues. • Best-in-class technology and culture dedicated to unlocking your life's best work. 75th-percentile (competitive!) compensation. 100% remote work environment. • Clear, flat, transparent culture; get in at the ground floor and be a true business partner. • Annual in-person company event. • Stock options with tremendous upside potential.


• Proven experience working in backend systems (RESTful APIs, datastores) • Proven experience writing high-quality, effective testing that empowers developers instead of being a burden • Proven experience working in fast paced, growing startups • Familiarity with cloud environments, especially the Google Cloud stack • Prior experience with Puppeteer


• The company offers a competitive compensation and remote work environment. • The company offers excellent benefits, including a time off policy with unlimited sick days and 100% company-paid health plans. • The company offers stock options with tremendous upside potential.

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