Marketing Manager (Patient Recruitment)

March 16

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A steady flow of participants for your research, guaranteed.

Patient Recruitment • Patient Screening • clinical trial recruitment • participant recruitment • clinical trial screening

11 - 50


• Lead and Expand: Spearhead participant recruitment department for delivering reliable flow of participants • Manage and Mentor: Lead three high-performing teams, fostering accountability and continuous improvement • Strategize and Innovate: Enhance patient recruitment methodologies and tools with a data-driven approach • Autonomy and Flexibility: Set own hours, enjoy paid holidays, work from anywhere with good internet connection • Innovation and Impact: Work with research teams driving advancements in medical research • Growth and Learning: Opportunities for professional development, access to courses and training programs • Leadership Role: Key role in innovative and high-performing leadership team, contributing to company decisions • Rewarding Career: Contribute meaningfully to world of health research and share in Trialfacts success


• Exemplify Leadership: Success in building and leading marketing teams • Robust Marketing Experience: Proven track record managing successful campaigns across various advertising channels and strategies • Data-Driven: Comfortable using data for strategic decision making, data analytics skills bonus • Embrace Flexibility and Innovation: Adapt to dynamic nature of entrepreneurial business, find creative solutions in regulated industry


• 100% remote, forever • Unlimited paid leave • Total compensation 20% above market

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