Dutch Copyeditor for Product/Service & Marketing Content

June 22

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translation • localization • globalization • technology • machine translation

1001 - 5000


• Copyedit content from English into Dutch with original meaning conveyed in a manner that is readable and understandable to target audience. • Content types: Product/Service & Marketing • Expected capacity per week: 500 to 1,000


• Minimum 3 years' experience translating and reviewing content in the specified subject matter. • Proficient in all areas of expertise: Product Service & Marketing • Well-versed in various translation & terminology tools. • Excellent communications skills in English (spoken and written). • Native fluency in target language. • Degree in linguistics, translation or equivalent experience. • Able to follow instructions, eg. character restrictions, etc. • Able to communicate effectively the rationale behind their translation skills. • Experience working in a multi-vendor scenario a plus.


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