How to answer "How do you ensure that your work meets quality standards?" (with sample answers)

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This post is part of our series on behavioral interview questions.

Why Employers Ask This

Employers ask this question to assess a candidate's attention to detail, their ability to work to specifications, and ensure that they meet the standards for quality and accuracy when performing their job function. Hiring managers want to ensure that they bring on board an individual who will take initiative and responsibility for ensuring that their work meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the company.

The question is designed for the recruiter to evaluate whether the candidate has the necessary knowledge and experience to deliver the expected quality level of work by the company. Additionally, it helps show that the individual is committed to delivering maximal impact in their job role and understands the importance of producing quality output that meets or exceeds the expectations of their employer.

How to Answer the Question

To provide an effective answer to this question, candidates should demonstrate that they understand the importance of meeting quality standards in their work. They can showcase their knowledge of robust processes, skills, and tools that are relevant to increasing, measuring and tracking quality. Candidates can also clarify the following:

  • How they verify that their work meets the required standards
  • What methods they employ to proofread their work to ensure no mistakes, typos or errors are present
  • How they acquired their attention to details and ability to work to specifications
  • Their proficiency in relevant industry-specific tools or systems that help improve work quality has to be mentioned
  • Willingness to take responsibility in the event of errors or mistakes to correct them quickly
  • Demonstrate their accountability for consistently delivering quality work

In general, your answer should show that you are familiar with industry standards regarding quality, and indicate a confidence and methodical approach to ensuring your work meets or exceeds those standards.

Sample answers

Good answer: "I follow a specific quality control process that involves reviewing the project requirements, checking my work against those requirements, and then having a colleague or supervisor review my work for feedback. I then make any necessary revisions and conduct a final check before submitting the work." This answer demonstrates a clear understanding of the importance of quality control in the workplace and showcases a specific process for meeting quality standards. Good answer: "I utilize industry-standard quality control tools such as checklists, software tests, and peer reviews to ensure my work meets all necessary quality standards. In addition, I am continuously learning about new quality control techniques to improve my skills." This answer demonstrates a willingness to learn and grow in the role, as well as an understanding of the importance of utilizing tools and techniques to ensure high-quality work. Bad answer: "I just make sure to double-check my work before submitting it." This answer is too vague and doesn't demonstrate a clear process for ensuring quality standards. It also doesn't provide any specific examples of how quality is evaluated. Bad answer: "I don't worry about quality standards too much; I just focus on getting tasks done quickly." This answer shows a lack of understanding of the importance of quality control and a potential lack of motivation to produce high-quality work. It could be viewed as a red flag by potential employers.
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