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Why Promote Remote Rocketship?

Remote Jobs Only

We empower people to work from home, or anywhere in the world.

Discover Hidden Jobs

We search the web for job openings – and find jobs not posted on LinkedIn or other job boards.

10,000+ More Jobs Than Our Competitors

Other job boards require companies to pay to post their job openings. Remote Rocketship works differently – we don't take any payments from companies. Instead, we search their websites every day for new job openings.

Support Indie Entrepreneurs

Remote Rocketship is built by a single person, obsessed with helping people find their dream jobs.

How It Works

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Check in any time to see how many customers you’ve referred, and redeem your payments with one click.

Frequently asked questions

Your payment details are collected during signup and payments are made via PayPal or Wise.

You get 40% lifetime commission for any paying customer you refer to Remote Rocketship.

Yes, you can offer them 20% off. However, this will reduce your commission from 40% to 25%. If you'd like to do this, get in touch via email for your discount code.

They have 365 days to convert – which is plenty of time!

Signing up for Remote Rocketship using your own affiliate account (self-referral) is not allowed. We do not allow ads on search and social media platforms that compete with our own marketing or confuse our customers. If you are unsure whether your advertisement is allowed, please contact us. Bidding on branded keywords (like Remote Rocketship, or Remote Rocketship jobs) will lead to a suspension of your account. Pretending to be act on behalf of Remote Rocketship will lead to a suspension of your account

Join Our Affiliate Program
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