How to answer "What are your greatest strengths, and how do they relate to this position?" (with sample answers)

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This post is part of our series on behavioral interview questions.

Why Employers Ask This

As a job seeker, you may have come across this question in multiple job interviews. The reason why employers ask this question is to know how suitable you are for the role. Most companies want to hire candidates that are not only qualified but also have the skills and qualities that align with their needs and goals.

By asking about your strengths, employers want to know what you can bring to the table and how those strengths can benefit their company. Additionally, the question gives the interviewer an opportunity to evaluate your self-awareness and the extent to which you have researched the company and understood the job requirements.

How to Answer the Question

Answering this question requires some preparation before the interview. Below are some tips that can help you answer this question effectively:

  • Analyze the job requirements: Take a closer look at the job description and identify the required skills and qualities. This will help you to align your strengths with the position and show the interviewer that you are a good fit for the role.
  • Be honest and specific: Don't give generic answers such as "I am a hard worker." Instead, pick strengths that are specific to you and showcase how they relate to the position by giving examples.
  • Use the STAR method: When giving examples, use the Situation, Task, Action, and Result (STAR) method. This will help the interviewer get a better understanding of how you have used your strength in the past and how it can be helpful in the position.
  • Don't be too humble: Ensure you highlight your achievements and strengths that align with the position. However, don't come across as too confident or arrogant.
  • Don't forget to relate your strengths to the company: Share specific ways you can contribute to the company through your strengths and how they align with the company's goals and values. This will show the interviewer that you have done your research on the company and are interested in the position.

Sample answers

Good answer 1:

One of my greatest strengths is my attention to detail. In my previous role as a data analyst, I was responsible for reviewing large amounts of data and ensuring accuracy. This skill will translate well to the position as a financial analyst, where I will need to analyze and interpret financial data accurately and effectively.

Good answer 2:

Another strength that I possess is my ability to work well in a team. I have been fortunate to work with some great teams in my previous positions, and I find that collaboration and communication are key to achieving success. In this position as a marketing manager, I believe my team-building skills will be essential in coordinating with the marketing department and other stakeholders to create effective campaigns.

Bad answer 1:

Umm, I think I'm pretty good at writing and stuff. I'm not sure how it relates to this position, but I can learn, I guess.

This answer is not good because it lacks confidence and specific examples. It shows that the candidate hasn't thought about their strengths and how they relate to the job, which can give the interviewer the impression that they are not prepared or not a good fit for the position.

Bad answer 2:

Well, I'm not really good at anything, but I can try to do my best.

This answer is not good because it is negative and doesn't highlight any strengths. It also shows that the candidate lacks confidence and is not self-aware of their abilities, which could make the interviewer doubt their ability to succeed in the position.

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