How to answer "What are your thoughts on diversity and inclusion in the workplace?" (with sample answers)

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This post is part of our series on behavioral interview questions.

Why Employers Ask This

Employers ask about your thoughts on diversity and inclusion in the workplace to determine if you're a good fit for their company culture. Companies value diversity and inclusion because research has shown that it leads to better financial performance, increased innovation, and higher employee engagement and satisfaction. Employers want to hire candidates who recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion and can contribute to a positive work environment that values diversity in all forms, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, and age.

Additionally, this question allows the employer to see if you have the ability to work well with people who may have different backgrounds and experiences from your own. This is important because in most workplaces, you'll be working with a diverse group of colleagues, clients, and customers. Employers want to make sure that you're capable of being respectful and flexible in a diverse environment.

How to Answer the Question

When answering this question, it's important to show that you recognize the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Start by acknowledging the importance of diversity and inclusion and how it can benefit the company. Then, highlight any experiences or skills you have that demonstrate your ability to work well in a diverse environment. For example, you can talk about a time when you worked on a team with people from diverse backgrounds and the steps you took to ensure everyone felt included and valued.

It's also essential to be authentic in your response. If you're passionate about a particular aspect of diversity and inclusion, feel free to share it with the interviewer. However, avoid sharing your personal experiences with discrimination unless the interviewer explicitly asks for it. Finally, ensure that your response shows you have an open mind and are willing to continue learning about diversity and inclusion.

Sample answers

1. Good answer:

I believe that diversity and inclusion are essential in the workplace. Diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences can lead to more creative and innovative ideas and solutions. Every employee should be treated with respect and provided with equal opportunities for growth and advancement. Companies that value diversity and create an inclusive culture can attract and retain the best and brightest talent.

This answer demonstrates an understanding of the benefits of diversity and inclusion. It highlights how they can positively impact the workplace while emphasizing the importance of fair treatment for all employees.

2. Bad answer:

Um, I don't really have any strong thoughts on diversity and inclusion. I mean I guess it's important to be inclusive, but it's not something I think about too much.

This answer shows a lack of knowledge and interest in the topic, which could be a red flag for an employer. It does not demonstrate an understanding of the value diversity can bring to a company or the importance of creating an inclusive workplace.

3. Good answer:

I think diversity and inclusion are critical components of a successful workplace. Creating an environment where employees can bring their whole selves to work and know they are valued for their unique contributions is essential to driving innovation, improving employee engagement, and building strong teams. I am committed to contributing to and promoting a positive and inclusive culture wherever I work.

This answer demonstrates not only an understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion but also a personal commitment to contributing to and promoting a positive work culture. It shows that the candidate is aware of their role in creating an inclusive work environment.

4. Bad answer:

I'm not really sure what you mean by that question. Are you asking if I'm okay with working with people who are different from me? Because yeah, I'm fine with that.

This answer not only shows a lack of understanding of the question but also comes across as dismissive and uninterested. It does not demonstrate an appreciation for the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace or an understanding of the benefits they can bring.

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