How to answer "What is your experience with content creation and marketing?" (with sample answers)

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This post is part of our series on behavioral interview questions.

Why Employers Ask This

As a job seeker applying for jobs in the content creation and marketing field, you are most likely to face questions regarding your experience with content creation and marketing. Numerous employers believe this question is relevant to determine whether the candidate has the skills and experience required to perform the job as per their expectations or not.

By asking this question, recruiters are not only assessing your knowledge and expertise in content creation and marketing but also checking your enthusiasm and dedication for the job. This query is generally asked to evaluate if you are capable of designing and implementing marketing strategies, producing high-quality content, and improving brand communication.

Rather than answering this question with generic statements, you should leverage this opportunity to highlight what makes you unique, specific achievements, and relate your experience to roles you are applying for.

How to Answer the Question

Answering this question effectively requires a bit of planning and preparation. The following tips will help you to answer this question in the best way possible:

  1. Define your role: Start your answer by defining your role in content creation and marketing. This should include your experience as a content creator, marketer, or any other relevant position held in your past employment.
  2. Provide Examples: It is essential to back up your response with examples of previous successful marketing campaigns that you have designed and executed. Providing examples illustrates your ability to handle challenges and deliver results while establishing credibility.
  3. Show Alignment: Ensure that your answer is aligned with the role you are applying for. Tie your experience to the job posting and demonstrate how your skills support the company’s goals and objectives. This will convince the interviewer that you are the right fit for the job.
  4. Highlight Skills: Besides discussing your experience, emphasize the skills you possess and how you apply them to produce high-quality content that delivers results. These skills may include project management, SEO, content writing, data analytics, and others.

Remember that an excellent response will not only demonstrate that you have a wealth of knowledge and experience but also show your passion and interest in the role. By following the above tips, you will be able to answer this question confidently and impress your interviewer.

Sample answers

  1. Bad answer:

    I've never done content creation or marketing before, but I'm a fast learner.

    This answer is not ideal because it doesn't showcase any past experience or knowledge in the field. The interviewer may perceive the applicant as inexperienced and unprepared for the role.

  2. Good answer:

    I have experience creating content for social media platforms, managing email campaigns, and writing blog articles. In my previous role, I helped increase website traffic by 20% through implementing targeted SEO strategies.

    This answer highlights specific examples of content creation and marketing experience, and also provides measurable results to show success in the field. The interviewer will likely view this candidate as knowledgeable and capable.

  3. Bad answer:

    I've used social media for personal use, so I believe I have a good understanding of content creation and marketing.

    This answer is not ideal because it doesn't showcase any professional or relevant experience. The interviewer may perceive the applicant as inexperienced and unprepared for the role.

  4. Good answer:

    I have a degree in marketing and completed an internship where I wrote blog articles, managed social media accounts, and assisted in creating email campaigns. I also regularly attend industry conferences and keep up with current trends and best practices in content marketing.

    This answer highlights both formal education and practical experience in the field of marketing and content creation. It also shows a commitment to continued learning and development, which can be attractive to interviewers.

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