A Technical Writer's Guide to Writing a Winning Resume (With Samples)

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If you’re a technical writer seeking remote job opportunities, your resume is your ticket to attracting potential employers. Writing a winning resume can be challenging, especially if you’re unsure of what to include or how to present your skills in the best possible way. Here’s a guide on how to write a resume that will grab attention and impress hiring managers.

1. Start with a Summary Statement

A summary statement is typically the first section of your resume and it’s crucial to making a great first impression. This should be a brief paragraph highlighting your relevant skills and accomplishments. Make sure to use clear language that conveys your strengths and explains why you’re an ideal candidate for the role.

2. Highlight Your Technical Writing Experience

Make sure that the majority of your resume focuses on your technical writing experience. Clearly detail your job responsibilities, accomplishments, and skills. It’s essential to highlight the skills that are most important for technical writing, such as the ability to write clearly and accurately, knowledge of technical terminology, and the ability to manage complex documentation projects.

3. Showcase Your Technical Knowledge

Technical writers need to have a solid understanding of the subject matter they’re writing about. Therefore, it’s essential to demonstrate your technical knowledge on your resume. Highlight any relevant technical expertise, certifications, or training you’ve received that will show that you have the necessary knowledge to succeed in a remote technical writing role.

4. Don't Forget Your Soft Skills

While technical knowledge is crucial for technical writing, hiring managers will also be looking for soft skills. Make sure to include any relevant communication, collaboration, or project management skills you’ve developed throughout your career. These skills will help demonstrate your ability to work well with teams and complete projects within deadlines.

5. Tailor Your Resume to Each Job Posting

A common mistake is to send the same resume for every job. Instead, tweak your resume to match the job description of each role you apply for. This way you'll be highlighting your most relevant skills and experience for each job, increasing your chances of being hired.

By following these tips, you can write a winning resume that will showcase your skills and achievements, and set you apart from the crowd. Remember, your resume is a reflection of you, so make sure to spend the necessary time and effort to make it the best it can be.

Example Resumes

Example #1

John Doe

Technical Writer


  • 10 years of experience in technical writing and documentation
  • Extensive experience with creating user manuals, technical guides, and documentation for software products
  • Proven ability to work independently and in a team environment
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

Professional Experience

ABC Company

Technical Writer | January 2018 - Present

  • Develop and write user manuals and online help systems for software products
  • Create API documentation for developers
  • Collaborate with developers, product managers, and customer service representatives to ensure accuracy of documentation
  • Implemented a new documentation structure, reducing the time required to write new documentation by 30%
  • Improved documentation quality and readability by 40%

XYZ Corporation

Technical Writer | June 2014 - December 2017

  • Created and maintained technical documentation for software products and hardware systems
  • Worked with project managers, engineers and QA to ensure accurate and complete product documentation
  • Developed and implemented a documentation style guide, which streamlined communication and improved consistency in documentation format
  • Reduced customer support tickets by 25% through effective and user-friendly documentation


  • Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication, University of California, Berkeley

Example #2

John Doe

Technical Writer

Email: john.doe@email.com

Phone: 555-555-5555

Professional Summary

Experienced technical writer with a background in software development seeking a challenging role in a fast-paced environment. Strong ability to write clear, concise, and accurate technical documentation. Proficient in Adobe FrameMaker, MadCap Flare, and Microsoft Office Suite.


  • Technical Writer

    Cybersecurity Solutions Inc. (CSI) | 2018 – Present

    • Authored and maintained comprehensive documentation for software products, including user manuals, release notes, and online help systems, resulting in a 50% reduction in support calls.
    • Collaborated with software developers and quality assurance engineers, using Agile methodology, to produce documentation that met customer requirements and industry standards.
    • Designed and developed templates and style guides to improve consistency and clarity of documentation, resulting in an increase in customer satisfaction scores.
  • Technical Writer Intern

    XYZ Corporation | 2017 – 2018

    • Assisted senior technical writers in researching and drafting technical documentation for new products, including white papers, case studies, and quick-start guides.
    • Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including engineers, product managers, and marketing specialists, to ensure that documentation met customer needs and company objectives.
    • Migrated documentation from legacy systems to new content management system, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient process.


  • Bachelor of Arts in English

    University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) | 2017


  • Proficient in Adobe FrameMaker, MadCap Flare, and Microsoft Office Suite
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Team player with the ability to work independently
  • Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Understanding of Agile methodology

Example #3

John Doe

Technical Writer

Email: john.doe@email.com

Phone: 555-1234

Professional Summary

A highly skilled technical writer with over five years of experience creating and editing technical documentation for software, hardware, and other complex technologies. Strong ability to work independently and to collaborate with engineers and other stakeholders to produce clear and concise documentation.

Work Experience

  • XYZ Corporation, Technical Writer (2018-Present)
    • Wrote and edited technical documentation for software products, resulting in a 30% decrease in customer support calls.
    • Developed and maintained documentation templates and style guides, ensuring consistent documentation across teams.
    • Collaborated with developers and product managers to create API documentation for a new product, resulting in a successful launch.
    • Managed documentation projects, tracking progress and communicating with stakeholders to ensure on-time delivery.
  • ABC Corporation, Technical Writer (2015-2018)
    • Created and maintained user manuals and online help systems for hardware technologies, resulting in a 25% reduction in customer service requests.
    • Collaborated with product managers and marketing teams to create end-user documentation for new products, resulting in increased adoption and usage.
    • Developed and delivered training sessions for internal teams on technical writing best practices and software tools.


  • Experience with technical writing tools such as MadCap Flare, Adobe Framemaker, and Microsoft Word
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to work independently or collaboratively
  • Experience with HTML and CSS for online documentation


Writing a winning resume as a technical writer can feel daunting, but by keeping a few key points in mind, you can showcase your skills and experience effectively. Remember to focus on your achievements, tailor your resume to the job you're applying for, and use clear language and formatting.

Once you've crafted your resume, it's time to write a great cover letter and prepare for interviews. Remember to highlight how you can add value to the company and be ready to speak about your experience in more detail.

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