How to answer "Why Product Management" (with sample answers)

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Why do employers ask "Why Product Management"?

During a job interview for a Product Management role, employers often ask candidates why they are interested in working in the Product Management field. This question gives employers insight into the candidate's motivation and their understanding of Product Management responsibilities and its importance to the company's goals.

How to answer "Why Product Management"

When answering this question, it's important to show enthusiasm for the role while being specific and honest about your goals. Focus on how you can contribute to the company's bottom line through the skills you have developed as a Product Manager. Be sure to emphasize your understanding of customer needs, product development, and how you have worked to deliver successful products for past employers.

How to prepare for this question

  • Research the company and their products to understand why the role is important.
  • Review the job description and the qualifications required for the role to tailor your answer and highlight your fit.
  • Practice your answer before your interview to ensure you sound confident and positive.
  • Prepare a story that demonstrates how your skills and experience align with the company's goals.

Common mistakes when answering this question

Some common mistakes to avoid when answering this question include:

  1. Not preparing an answer, which can come across as uninterested or unprepared.
  2. Being too vague or general about your interest in Product Management, which can make it seem like you lack direction.
  3. Not connecting your interest in Product Management to the specific company and the role you are applying for.
  4. Appearing arrogant or overconfident, which can be a turn-off for employers.
  5. Not providing examples of how you have used your skills to bring successful products to market.

Sample answers

Bad answer:

Uh, I don't know. I guess it just seems like a cool job and I need a job.

  • This answer is vague, unprepared, and comes across as disinterested in the role.
  • It doesn't offer anything about the candidate's skills or motivations for the role.

Okay answer:

Well, I've always been interested in technology, and I've heard that product management is a good way to bridge the gap between development teams and users. I like the idea of being able to shape a product from beginning to end and ensure that it meets the needs of the market.

  • This answer shows some interest in the field but could be more specific in terms of the candidate's own skills and experience

Better answer:

As a former software engineer, I've always been interested in the bigger picture of how technology can solve business problems. I've enjoyed working with customers and users to understand their pain points and how we can design solutions to make their lives easier. I see product management as a natural progression in my career where I can combine my technical background and problem-solving skills with my passion for understanding users to drive product innovation.

  • This answer shows the candidate has firsthand experience with the technical side of product development and an interest in user-focused innovation.
  • It also ties in the candidate's previous experiences and demonstrates how product management fits into their career goals.
  • This answer is specific, well-prepared, and demonstrates enthusiasm for the role.

Great answer:

Throughout my career, I've been involved in several product launches and have enjoyed the entire process from ideation to launch and product iteration. As I moved into a leadership role, I began to see how important it was to balance business goals with user needs, and I became passionate about articulating a shared vision across teams to drive success. I see product management as a perfect fit for these skills and interests, and I'm excited to use my experience to continue creating products that make a difference in people's lives.

  • This answer shows the candidate has a wealth of experience in product development and leadership
  • It highlights the candidate's ability to balance business goals with user needs and communicate a shared vision.
  • Finally, it wraps up by expressing an excitement for the role and how their previous experiences will benefit the team.
  • This answer is detailed, enthusiastic, and showcases the candidate's strong qualifications for the role.
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