How to answer "Why UX Research" (with sample answers)

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Why do employers ask "Why UX Research"?

Employers want to know why you are interested in UX Research because they want to understand your motivation, passion, and alignment with the job role. They need to verify whether your interest in UX research comes from a genuine desire to solve problems and create positive user experiences or whether you're applying for the job for some other reasons.

How to answer "Why UX Research"

When answering this question, you should focus on a few key points. First, demonstrate your knowledge of what UX Research is and why it's essential for creating successful products. Second, highlight any relevant experiences you have had that demonstrate your interest and capabilities in UX Research, such as relevant coursework or projects. Finally, tie your interest in UX Research back to the specific job and company, show your enthusiasm and alignment with the values and mission of the company.

How to prepare for this question

There are a few steps you can take to prepare for this question in advance. Start by researching the job position and company to gain insight into their values, mission, and current projects. Practice answering this question in front of a mirror or with a friend, highlighting the key points mentioned above. Whenever you get a chance, read up on UX Research blogs, forums and attend meetups, workshops, and similar events to continue learning and growing your understanding of the field.

Common mistakes when answering this question

One common mistake when answering this question is being too vague or hesitant with your response. Avoid answers like "I want to work in UX because everyone else is doing it." Instead, provide a thoughtful and concise answer that shows your knowledge, aligns with the position and company values, and demonstrates your enthusiasm and passion for the field. Another mistake is over-explaining your academic or work history without tying it back specifically to the role in question. Focus on only relevant details and examples that demonstrate your capabilities in UX Research.

Sample answers

Bad answer:

I'm interested in UX Research because it sounds like a cool job.

Why it's bad: This answer is too vague and doesn't provide any real insight into why the candidate is interested in UX Research. It also uses the word "cool," which is not a professional-sounding adjective.

Good answer:

I'm interested in UX Research because I enjoy uncovering human-centered design insights and using data to inform user experiences. I find it rewarding to see how my work can directly impact a user's interaction with a product or service.

Why it's good: This answer clearly explains the candidate's motivation for pursuing UX Research as a career. It highlights the use of research and data to inform design decisions, and demonstrates a passion for creating impactful user experiences.

Bad answer:

I'm not really sure why I'm interested in UX Research. It just seems like a good career path to take.

Why it's bad: This answer shows a lack of direction and a lack of enthusiasm for the field. It's not a convincing reason for the interviewer to hire the candidate.

Good answer:

I'm interested in UX Research because it aligns with my personal values of empathy and listening to the needs of others. I appreciate the importance of understanding people's experiences and how they interact with technology. As a UX Researcher, I can utilize these values to inform better design decisions and create more inclusive and accessible products.

Why it's good: This answer not only explains the candidate's interest in UX Research, but also ties in their personal values and how it relates to the field. It shows a level of thoughtfulness and demonstrates how the candidate's skills and perspectives can benefit the industry in a meaningful way.

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