Automation Engineer (Senior/Leadership)

April 11

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The next generation care enablement platform.

11 - 50


• Building a next-generation care enablement platform for healthcare teams • Delivering precision medicine to everyone in the world within 24 hours • Creating an OS for all of healthcare and life sciences • Leveraging proprietary active learning and crowdsourcing training architecture • Collaborating with a diverse team of Clinical Engineers and Software Engineers • Solving super interesting technical problems that save lives


• Strong technical background • Highly motivated individuals with growth potential • Ability to think from first principles • Experience working in a fast-paced environment • Strong problem-solving skills • Excellent communication and collaboration skills


• Impactful work that saves lives • Opportunity to work on cutting-edge healthcare technology • Fast-growing company with ambitious goals • Unique hacker culture with flat hierarchy • Remote work flexibility • Team-building activities and retreats

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