Mechanical Engineering Manager - Cryostat Structures

July 11

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51 - 200


• Manage schedule, resources, budget, and status reporting for the ongoing design and analysis of the SPARC cryostat, thermal shield, and accessory components • Work with Vessel Structures and Tokamak Systems design teams • Collaborate with the ARC team to implement knowledge in design, fabrication, and installation of SPARC components


• Bachelor level education in mechanical (or similar) engineering • 8 years experience in a related technical context • Experience in design, analysis and fabrication of large welded structures; or large capital equipment • Experience with the design, analysis and installation of components in a high vacuum environment • Experience with design and analysis tools • Ability to clearly express and critique ideas • Attention to detail • Ability to manage interface issues that bridge complex engineering and physics topics


• Develop and manage a budget and schedule • Coordinate team work for design, analysis, procurement, manufacturing, and assembly • Address emerging interface conflicts timely • Ensure integration of accessory and tenant components • Manage a team of engineers and contractors

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