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November 26, 2023

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11 - 50


Drivetrain is looking for a Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) high caliber professional to join our team. In this role you’ll lead all of Drivetrain’s customer enablement activities and help our customers derive high value from Drivetrain. You won’t be going it alone, though. You’ll be collaborating on a regular basis with our sales & product implementation teams to ensure customer success delivery. In this role, you will become Drivetrain’s FP&A subject matter expert – the “go-to” for our business customers, advising founders, business and finance leaders on all their planning and forecasting needs that Drivetrain addresses. What you’ll be doing • You will be the subject matter expert providing the bridge between our product team and our customers. In this role, you will help define product strategy and identify key features that will delight our customers and meet their needs. • You’ll assist our customers in developing templates and models for their unique business within Drivetrain so they can derive the greatest value possible from the platform. • You will work closely with sales and marketing teams to design and implement customer success strategies. Facilitated by daily interactions with our customers, you’ll also help to identify new use cases that Drivetrain can solve. • As our leading subject matter expert, you’ll provide technical guidance to our customers on financial reporting, defining business metrics, conducting financial analyses within Drivetrain. • You’ll also assist sales on calls when appropriate to provide deeper dives into the functional use cases of the product. • You’ll get to collaborate with industry leaders, investors and & CFO’s, to build an expert-level understanding of tech trends impacting the CFO's office. • Within the larger community of strategic finance professionals, you’ll serve as a champion of Drivetrain, evangelising its applications within the larger community of strategic finance professionals. • You will build a small team of customer success specialists and interns, establishing individual and team metrics and reporting on their success.


What you'll bring to the role • 2-5 years of relevant experience in corporate FP&A setups • Top-notch written and verbal communication skills • Strong analytical skills with a creative mind • A collaborative mindset • A desire to help others, whether they be colleagues or customers


• Remote-friendly: Drivetrain brings together the best and the brightest, no matter where they are and provides them a great degree of autonomy. We trust our people. • Open & transparent: We know that when our creators have access to all the information they need, their best work will emerge. • Idea-friendly: We provide an environment to explore new ideas, to take risks, to make mistakes, and to learn, so you can succeed. Anyone in the company can come up with great ideas and become a catalyst for positive change. We let the best ideas win. • Customer-centric: We follow a product-led growth strategy, continuously learning from our customers and collaborating to build the amazing software that Drivetrain is.

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