Security Engineering Lead

March 21

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Espresso Systems

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11 - 50


• Lead security audits of (a subset of) the Espresso codebase • As a project leader, you will have mobility in how you choose to organize security and audit efforts • Dive into the code of a fairly complex distributed system, learning and developing an understanding of the system on the fly (with help from the engineering team that built it, of course) • Coordinate with several engineering teams to aid in your audit, raise concerns and communicate results, and guide the effort to harden the system based on your findings • Coordinate with, manage, and review the work of external security auditing teams, in certain cases • Suggest improvements to testing and engineering practices to promote more secure and maintainable code


• Solid grasp of software engineering principles, both low-level (e.g. language-specific best practices) and high-level (e.g. reliable software architecture, particularly in distributed systems) • Multiple years experience writing smart contracts • Experience with smart contract security audits or formal verification of smart contracts • Experience as an engineer or software architect in a security-critical industry • Be capable of describing the stakes, the challenges you've faced in building secure software, and the steps/processes you've taken to mitigate risk • Experience as an auditor, pentester, QA tester, etc. • Have a well thought-out approach to testing software and designing it to be testable/auditable • Ability to think adversarially, and identify potential reliability or security vulnerabilities even in software that is correct in common or “happy path” scenarios • Experience on the design and/or testing of distributed systems


• Fully remote with flexible hours • Work alongside the brightest minds in the crypto space • Competitive salary + equity package • Regular team off-sites to international locations • Unlimited vacation policy • Top-tier health, dental, and vision coverage for US employees

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