ALP - Creating Graphic Applications with OpenGL and C++ (Intermediate)

July 11

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51 - 200


• This Assisted Learning Path is designed to advance your skills in OpenGL programming and graphic application development. It covers advanced topics including vector mathematics, lighting models, mobile graphics development with OpenGL ES, extended reality (XR) software development, and cutting-edge techniques such as parallel programming, compute shaders, and ray tracing. This path ensures you can create sophisticated graphical applications and extend your expertise to mobile and XR platforms.


• Proficiency in advanced OpenGL programming. • Ability to develop mobile graphics applications using OpenGL ES. • Skills in extended reality software development. • Understanding of advanced lighting models and vector mathematics. • Capability to implement cutting-edge techniques like compute shaders and ray tracing in graphical applications.


• Get access to 130 hours of demand content. • Engage in 4 real-world project labs to enhance your learning experience through hands-on practice. The labs are designed to give you a taste of authentic tasks and allow you to assess your own readiness. • Benefit from 10 assessments that provide guidance on content based on your individual results.

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