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June 3

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• This career path is designed for those aspiring to become proficient iOS developers using Swift. The courses included cover a comprehensive range of topics from the basics of Swift and app development to advanced iOS features like ARKit and CoreML. Participants will learn through a blend of theoretical instruction and hands-on practice, building a strong portfolio of apps and mastering the tools and techniques necessary for professional iOS development.


• High School Diploma or Equivalent: Completion of high school education or equivalent certification is required. • Academic Performance: A minimum GPA requirement (e.g., 3.0 on a 4.0 scale) is necessary for eligibility. • Proficiency in English: B2 or Greater - Extended speech and articles, Fluent interaction and detailed text


• Get access to 115 hours of demand content on Udemy Business Pro, which includes a course cost of approximately US$435.00. • Participate in 16 hours of workshop sessions led by industry experts who have worked at top Fortune 500 companies such as FedEx, MSC, and Google. • Engage in 3 real-world project labs to enhance your learning experience through hands-on practice. The labs are designed to give you a taste of authentic tasks and allow you to assess your own readiness. • Benefit from 8 assessments that provide guidance on content based on your individual results.

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