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March 15

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Gozem - Africa's Super App

Gozem is Africa's #1 Super App — providing on-demand transportation, delivery, and financial services in one app

201 - 500


• The Product Manager role at Gozem is a unique opportunity to have a direct and significant impact at the earliest stages of a tech startup in West Africa. • As a key member of the team, you will oversee and optimize Gozem’s product to achieve rapid growth. • This role calls for a rare combination of problem-solving skills, creative business thinking, and strong interpersonal ability/people skills. • define the full specifications of new product functions and engage with the engineering team to develop them test functions to ensure they match specifications and UX expectations • build user flow charts, storyboards, wireframes, and related elements that play into the planning phase of an application. Strong focus on usability and interactive design. • Research and analyze industry UX/UI trends and competitor sites and strategies. • Regular review of usage data to analyze user behavior, pain points, and to inform design decisions. • handle expectations of Stakeholders and setting clear vision and get buy-in cross functional.


• Level of education: Master's degree (recommended but not required) in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering, Operations Research, or Mathematics/Statistics • 5 years of relevant experience in related fields • Self-motivated, independent learner, and enjoy sharing knowledge with team members • Familiarity with database structuring needed, familiarity with API based product needed • Basic knowledge of any programming language • Tools to master: Asana, Trello, Jira, G-Suite • Languages: French, English


• Remote work if you are not based in a country where Gozem is established (Togo, Benin, Gabon, Cameroon) • Open-space offices and teleworking time possible (to be arranged with your manager) • A gross monthly remuneration defined according to our internal salary grid as well as the relevance of your past experiences for the position. • An option to buy shares in Gozem • An annual bonus allowing you to receive between 0 and 4.5 months of additional salary the following year • Benefits on our Super App for your travel and deliveries • A health and IT insurance package • The opportunity to join a young, dynamic team that has a real social impact in French-speaking Africa

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