Golang Engineer

December 22, 2023

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A leading global one-stop ecosystem for cryptocurrency mining

51 - 200


• Develop and maintain the ASIC Hub application, ensuring seamless communication with devices within the local network. • Implement robust TCP/UDP communication protocols to facilitate efficient data exchange. • Design and write system monitoring solutions tailored to the unique requirements of the mining industry. • Contribute to the continuous improvement of our tech stack, which includes Go, Postgres, SQLite, Clickhouse, Redis, gRPC, MQTT, NATS. • Collaborate closely with a team of Go Engineers, sharing knowledge and expertise to drive the project forward. • Engage in data-driven development, managing and optimizing the flow of large datasets. • Project: Hiveon ASIC Hub.


• Strong general experience in back-end development • At least 4 years of experience with Golang • Practical experience in TCP/UDP protocols and concurrency patterns in Go. • Familiarity with basic Linux commands and environment. • Experience or understanding of IoT, embedded Linux, and Windows services. • Capability to work autonomously and collaboratively in a team setting. • Understanding of the mining domain and ASICs operation is a plus. • At least an Upper-Intermediate level of English. • Familiarity with the mining domain, ASICs operation and algorithms. • Blockchain/cryptocurrency knowledge.


• Healthy corporate culture all over the company • Remote work with absolutely flexible working hours • Unlimited vacations & sick leaves • Learning & Development events compensation • Freedom of innovation and creativity • Only necessary processes and meetings, no bureaucracy • Experience working with non-typical and difficult eco-system that connected millions of devices throughout the world.

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