Tech Lead / Staff Software Engineer (DevTools, Python)

May 30

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Developer tools for Machine Learning

Data Science • Machine Learning • Developer Tools • Data management • Continuous Integration

11 - 50

💰 $20M Series A on 2021-06


• Participate and lead efforts around the development of our flagship DVC product and ecosystem - including leading and owning cross product features and efforts and strong involvement with adjacent projects and products. • We expect strong SW engineering skills and knowledge and excellent coding culture (CQ standards, automation, testing, FOSS contributions, etc). • Specifically Strong Python experience is required, as well as and experience building dev-tools and maintaining open source software. • Discuss, research & lead issues, features, and even products. • Be 100% hands on, be able to drive large changes, hold brainstoring and architecture discussions and put technical spec in place for other members to collaborate and follow on • Write (lots of) code (see some PR examples). • Write docs for your code (see this repo). • Write blog posts and public updates about features and engineering challenges - participate in the product work lifecycle • Work directly with management and founders and help translate our vision into a working, delightful functionality • Be actively involved in the community - Support: talk to users on Github, Discord, forum, Understand their workflows: work with users, customers, product. Be able to demo and mock user projects and understand the hardships of ML and data-centric workflows


• Motivation and interest - devtools space, Machine Learning and Data science space, Python ecosystem, storage and data systems • Remote work self-discipline • Excellent communication skills - clear, constructive, and respectful dialog with other team members, community and leadership. This includes (but not limited to) - written communication in form of technical discussions in various systems. We feel most at home on: Github, Slack, and Notion. • Ability to manage your time, define, spec-out and deliver large tasks and features. contribute and co-own team and product planning, respect deadlines business priorities (demos, customers, conventions, and other milestones), etc • Experience working remotely in Agile and dynamic teams • Open source contributions and experience in maintaining projects (OSS) • System programming experience - kernel-level, virtualization, databases, filesystems, etc. • Strongly prefer: Some Machine Learning or Data Science experience - this is so you can easily identify and replicate user issues and workflows


• Work wherever you want - No offices. Team is distributed remotely worldwide. • Work whenever you want - Asynchronous communication and engineering culture. We are light on meetings and emphasize people finding their own schedule to be prolific & effective. Oh yeah, also Unlimited PTO and sick days! • Open-source your code - We’re an open-source-first company (frankly, it’s in our DNA). Your work will be visible and will be used by thousands of developers every day! Check out our Discord and GitHub. • Competitive compensation - based on the work you do here and not your previous salary. • Great health coverage (medical, dental, vision) for you and your family, 100% paid by us (US only, but can discuss and reimburse, adjust the salary in other locations). • Benefits - 401K with 100% match up to 4% of annual salary (US only, but we give the best we can worldwide through reimbursements and hiring platforms). • Participate in conventions and conferences (PyCon, PyData, O'Reilly AI, etc) - We encourage and support everyone in giving talks, writing blog-posts, and other activities.

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