Social Media/Marketing Intern (paid)

May 29, 2023

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Protocol for highly scalable, non-custodial exchanges and payments on Ethereum using zkRollup

DEX • Zero Knowledge Proofs • Ethereum • Exchange • Blockchain

11 - 50

💰 Seed Round on 2018-12


• Support activity and networking across social media, discord and reddit • Create Twitter content (threads, video, memes) • Interact with large communities online • Have good knowledge of Ethereum and the overall Layer 2 ecosystem • Proactive, enthusiastic and believe in Loopring’s vision • Big plus if you have experience in social media marketing or any other marketing skills like graphic design or video skills


• Well versed in creating Twitter content • Spend a lot of time on crypto twitter, discord, reddit etc. • Passionate about the blockchain space • CV, cover letter, as well as social handles to apply


• Full-time position • Competitive pay • Remote working environment

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