Software Engineer (Frontend)

December 17, 2023

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We make the easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data.

51 - 200

💰 $30M Series B on 2021-05


• Metabase is the easiest way for people to get insights from their data. • We provide an opinionated open source starting point for how companies should measure, analyze and share their data. • We built Metabase because existing tools for business intelligence didn’t feel like things we wanted to use. • Folks seemed to agree, and now Metabase is used daily by tens of thousands of companies to give people in all sorts of roles access to insights they wouldn’t have otherwise had. • None of this could happen without our user interface and that’s where you come in. • We’re looking for someone with strong product sensibilities, extraordinarily good frontend skills, and solid software engineering fundamentals to join our team to advance the state of the art in our product and our industry.


• You care about crafting delightful user experiences. • Prior experience shipping non-trivial apps using React + Redux (or equivalent). • You have experience writing tests, giving good feedback on other people’s code, and writing proposals for more complicated problems that are thoughtful and clear. • Communication and clarity are really important. • Computer science-y problems come up frequently. • Comfort in CSS and familiarity with things like design systems and component libraries is a necessity. • You’ve worked on a large and complex JavaScript project. • Knowledge and prior experience with data visualization (especially if it has involved dc.js and d3.js). • Previous contributions to open source. • Either pre-existing knowledge or interest in learning some Clojure.


• The problems we face are genuinely interesting and aren’t trivial. • You’ll make tools that people rely on for their real jobs. • You’ll get to work in open source and get feedback directly from users and customers out in the open. • The company is growing and so is the business. • We’re adding new remote team members from around the world and improving our processes. • It’s an exciting time and you can really have an impact on how things work here. • We’ve tried to design our work environment to fit into real life. • Work is only one part of who you are, so we emphasize reasonable workdays and prefer planning and avoiding panic. • People at Metabase have families, dogs, plants, and lives outside of work and we try to support that however we can.

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