Staff Support Engineer

July 11

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The platform your developers love for building highly-performant and dynamic web sites, e-commerce stores and apps.

Continuous Deployment • Build automation • Web performance • web development • Jamstack

201 - 500

💰 $105M Series D on 2021-11


• Provide technical support to developer customers • Support Enterprise accounts and provide white-glove service • Collaborate with various teams across Netlify including engineering, security, legal, and sales • Conduct most support via email, Zendesk, Support Forums, Slack, and video calls


• Proficient in troubleshooting complex networking issues • Experience with AWS lambda functions • Knowledge of web architecture and caching layers • Familiarity with GatsbyJS and NextJS • Ability to analyze HAR files


• Fair compensation philosophy prioritizing fairness and equity • Competitive salary positioned in the market • Robust benefits package • Participation in Netlify’s equity plan

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