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May 23

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Orderly Network

Orderly Network is a permissionless, decentralized exchange protocol and modular ecosystem built on top of NEAR$1. .$1

11 - 50

🔥 Funding within the last year

💰 Venture Round on 2022-11


• Test, deploy, and operate automated high-frequency quantitative trading systems • Monitor risk exposure, pnl and system status of hundreds of trading processes • Adjust model configs and parameters based on market conditions • Suggest automation and improvements to the systems • Contribute to all aspects of the trading desk activities including: position and pnl reconciliation, risk management tasks, and post trade analysis • Generate feedback on trading system performance by examining system logs and market data for executions • Communicate relevant news, market events, and system behavior to team members


• Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Sciences, Math, Economics, Finance (or equivalent) • Strong work ethic and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done • Must be motivated, dependable, and responsible • Ability to use sound judgment under pressure • High attention to detail • Ability to understand and reason about complex trading systems • Basic SQL, JavaScript, Java programming and scripting knowledge in a Linux environment • Previous trading experience a plus • Interview will cover topics such as Web3, cryptocurrency trading platforms, and vision of how to succeed


• Work in a permissionless, decentralized exchange protocol and modular ecosystem built on top of NEAR • Join a fully independent team with market-leading execution • Low latency and minimal fees with a combination of orderbook efficiency alongside on-chain settlement • Opportunity to work with industry heavyweights in respective fields • Become part of the go-to network for ecosystem partners to come and build upon

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