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September 27

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Machine Learning






Assuring customer data privacy with powerful, complete software solutions built for the world’s most trustworthy firms

data privacy • data protection • saas • enterprise • CCPA

51 - 200


• Design, construct, and deploy data wrangling, processing, and analysis pipelines. • Write software programs to perform data wrangling and transformation tasks. • Analyze client data and design and deploy data analysis pipelines. • Design algorithms to manage and process large amounts of metadata and data. • Research and develop software systems based on different cloud computing environments.


• Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Telecommunications, or Electronics Engineering PLUS 2 years of experience as a systems engineer, software developer or data scientist OR Master’s in Computer Science, Telecommunications, or Electronics Engineering and 9 months of experience in at least two of the following: - Experience querying databases and using statistical computer languages such as R, Python, or SQL. - Experience creating data architectures. - Experience in statistical and data mining techniques. - Experience analyzing data from third party providers. - Experience with distributed data/computing tools.


• Remote work from any US State or DC is permissible. • Building a diverse and inclusive equal opportunity workplace.

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