Senior Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) - Typescript Experience

March 16

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Yassir is the leading super App in the Maghreb region set to changing the way daily services are provided$1. .$1

501 - 1000

💰 $150M Series B on 2022-11


• Design, implement, and maintain infrastructure and service components using Typescript/Nodejs • Leverage expertise in GCP to optimize and scale systems • Implement and manage API-first and API management strategies • Utilize Kubernetes to orchestrate containerized applications • Collaborate with development teams to deploy and scale applications • Enhance performance and reliability through microservices architecture • Implement and improve monitoring and alerting solutions • Enhance system observability using logging, tracing, and metrics • Integrate CI/CD pipelines with development teams • Implement automation for testing, deployment, and rollback processes • Lead migration to microservices architecture • Optimize and scale microservices for improved performance • Identify scalability improvements and implement solutions • Design and implement APIs Gateway for API management • Ensure secure and efficient communication between microservices • Optimize and enhance CI/CD pipelines • Implement automation for testing and deployment processes • Develop and test disaster recovery plans • Conduct regular drills for system resilience in case of failures


• Demonstrated experience in Typescript/Nodejs • Strong knowledge of API-first principles and API management • Extensive experience with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) • Familiarity with Cloud Run and other cloud-native services • Proven experience in managing and optimizing applications in Kubernetes • Ability to troubleshoot and resolve complex technical issues • Analytical skills to improve system performance and reliability • Strong teamwork and communication skills • Experience with infrastructure as code (IaC) and automation tools • Commitment to DevOps best practices


• Competitive salary • Opportunity for career growth • Work on cutting-edge technologies • Be part of a diverse and inclusive culture • Help shape the digital economy in Africa

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