Freelance | Contract Senior Web Engineer

February 10

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We make the web better by finely crafting websites & tools for content creators.

WordPress • PHP • jQuery • HTML / CSS • Strategy

201 - 500


• Develop enterprise-level WordPress plugins and/or themes primarily using PHP and Gutenberg blocks in React.js • Provide code reviews • Drive strategy and lead back-end technical vision on large-scale projects • Solve complex problems in simple yet elegant ways • Make the web better by crafting websites, apps, and tools that reach millions of online visitors every day


• Perfecting skills in WordPress engineering and Gutenberg • Code portfolio showcasing best WordPress work on GitHub • Comfortable communication with clients and team members • Extensive Git workflow experience in back-end-focused web development • Expert debugging of performance and caching issues • Preferred full remote work and effective engagement in a distributed team


• Flexible and alternative work schedules • Fully remote work • Engaging with a distributed team from anywhere in the world

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