Senior Frontend/Creative Developer

March 7

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Accretive Technology Group

As a leader in building streaming, web-based video chat systems, we are seeking to attract and hire the best and brightest technical staff to improve and expand on our services$1. .$1

Software Development • IT Operations • Creative and Graphic Design • Customer Service

201 - 500


• Design and develop engaging web assets using JavaScript, and Responsive HTML/CSS • Plan, implement, monitor, and iterate on A/B tests • Work across multiple products/platforms using React, TypeScript, Redux, and NodeJS • Embrace a variety of projects, working across diverse teams


• At least 7 years of front-end development experience, with some backend experience • Strong understanding of JavaScript, including its nuances and workarounds • Ability to learn and implement new frameworks, we operate on a “best tool for the job” policy • A history of work that demonstrates a knowledge of: Mastery of HTML/CSS • JavaScript/TypeScript and a JavaScript library such as React (preferred) or Angular • Redux or another state management tool • Solid fundamentals in computer science and OO or functional software development • Understanding of high-level concepts and web performance • NodeJS, Typescript, Docker, MySQL, and MongoDB • Experience with Redux or similar state management tools • Ability to collaborate effectively in a team and work independently • Strong communication skills, open to learning and constructive feedback • Experience with Git and other version control systems


• Employer-paid Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits • Life & Disability Insurance Coverage • Health Care FSA • Day Care FSA • 401(k) with a 50% contribution match (no limit) • Generous Vacation and PTO plan • Paid Holidays • Semi-Annual Profit Sharing • Gym/Wellness Reimbursement • $175 transportation Reimbursement ($100 of this may be used for home internet for remote and hybrid employees)

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