Chief Growth Officer

March 15

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Do what inspires, automate everything else. #nocode chatbots for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Advertising • Marketing • Facebook • Messenger • Automation

11 - 50

💰 Seed Round on 2017-05


• Chief Growth Officer responsible for building brand awareness and engagement strategy through content marketing • Responsibilities include content strategy development and implementation, content generation, building brand awareness, content distribution, maximizing sales, market analysis • Opportunity to shape the future of sales and artificial intelligence • Essential contribution to the company's journey to innovation and success


• Successful cases of creating content funnels and distribution channels for significant customer base growth • Experience in selling AI solutions in a startup environment • Knowledge of conversational commerce and chatbots • Understanding of AI, sales trends, and lead generation strategies • Deep understanding of content marketing principles, best practices, and market benchmarks • Skill in creating quality content and analyzing data • Successful cases in PR and Content Marketing • Creative approach and out-of-the-box solutions


• Part of a strong, results-driven team • Options, remote work, and medical insurance • Constant learning and growth opportunities • Direct contribution to company and product development • Equal opportunity for contribution and idea implementation • Comfortable working conditions

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